Dr Anne Perera is a Food and Nutrition Consultant with many years of experience working in several countries around the world. Anne has a BSc (Hons) in Agriculture from the University of Ceylon (Peradeniya)/Sri Lanka (1969), a Masters degree in Food Technology from the FAO International Food Technology Training Centre (IFTTC) at the Central Food Technological Research Institute (CFTRI) in Mysore India and a PhD in Food & Nutrition from Oregon State University in USA. It was while in USA that she got married.

With her husband, Dr Conrad Perera, Anne went to Brazil in 1977 to help set up a new department of Food Science and Technology at the State University of Londrina, Parana. Their son, Conrad Jr. was born in Brazil and when he was almost four years old, they immigrated to New Zealand in 1981 where they have worked for food companies, universities and Crown Research Institutes. She has co-authored “Nutrition 2000” published by Longman Paul, New Zealand in 1994, for which she received the Nutrition Writer of the Year award and also“Hot Potatoes & Cool Bananas” published by SNP International in Singapore in 2007, and she has contributed book chapters to several academic text books.

Anne completed an Executive MBA at Massey University in New Zealand in 1993. From the year 2000 both Conrad & Anne had the opportunity to work in Singapore during which time she also completed a Diploma in Counselling Psychology at the Lee Community College in Singapore. Anne writes poems as a hobby and in 2002 Anne received a Merit Award for a poem from the International Society of Poets (ISP) in which she is a Distinguished Member.

Anne has served on executive committees of several professional, ethnic and community organisations. She has been active in several voluntary organizations and is currently serving on a project sponsored by Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) New Zealand.

banana blossom.JPG

Banana Blossom

Cooking Banana Blossom into a delicious vegetable


Candied Peel

A potential new product for Tanzania