My Journey through Tanzania

My journey through Tanzania started about nine months before I even thought of an air ticket, let alone all the other things like baggage, vaccinations, language etc...

It was initiated by a notice that my husband, Conrad showed me about a food related position in Tanzania that was advertised through the website of Volunteer Service Abroad (VSA) in New Zealand. We have been thinking of offering our services in the areas of Food Processing, Nutrition and Business Development in a developing country.

We both responded to the VSA notice expressing our interest in the position in Tanzania. The only connection I have had with Tanzania at that time was Marama Amos, who was born in Tanzania and who happened to help me as a temporary assistant while she was waiting to start her first job after graduating with a Veterinary Science degree at Massey University in New Zealand.

Both Conrad and I were invited for an interview at VSA head office in Wellington. Conrad, who was the Director of the Food Science Programme at the University of Auckland could not leave his work to take up a voluntary position. It was not the right time for him. However, I who had ‘retired’ two years ago to pursue things of my heart and, had completed my soul’s sincere desire of writing a book titled, “Thank you for being my Father” was ready to explore this new opportunity as if I have been groomed for it all my life....

So the process started with briefing, many visits to the Travel Doctor and travel itinerary etc etc... After spending two days in Singapore and 9 days in Sri Lanka, I was on my way to Arusha Tanzania, via Dubai, Nairobi and Kilimanjaro International Airport in Tanzania... My journey through Tanzania got started on 22nd August 2011... I am based in Arusha...


Check out more information on Anne’s Profile on the VSA Website here.

candied peel.JPG

Candied Peel:

Candied Peel: a potential
new product for Tanzania


Pictorial Record on
Juice Making

Would this lead to future Juice Bars in Tanzania?